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Greetings from ze Big Apple.

Myself & Jimbob had a wonderous time in NY. Everything was huge, I felt quite small & insignificant. :) It was fantastic! We fitted (fat?) so much into the week.

As well as all the usual stuff, such as the Boat ride past the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building (Cue Jimbob looking a paler shade of green! ;) ), Macy's, Soho, Chinatown, American Museum of Natural History (Which rocked - nerd alert) and general walking up and down the streets of New York all day every day, we also caught the Monty Python Broadway Show "Spamalot"! That was amazing, it was a lovingly ripped off version of The Holy Grail and was well worth the pretty penny it cost. :)
We bumped into a huge amount of crayzees in NY,mainly we reckon due to the larger population - ergo a larger population of weirdoes! :)

A bum who sang us poetry on the street kept blabbing on (obviously waiting for us to give him some dosh. Whilst we were standing there wondering what he was saying, grinning like idiots, waiting for him to stop so that we could give him a dollar and he would feck off. Needless to say that when he started repeating himself we got the dosh out a lot quicker.

One morning whilst eating our lavish breakfast of eggs on toast, a madzer lady came in (On her own) and sat down next to us and ordered two breakfasts. She proceeded to toast herself *clinking both glasses off each other* and laugh and talk to herself out loud. Smothering the laughter we watched as she called the waitress, explained that her invisible friend thought his/her breakfast was too hard and could she have a bagel instead. The waiters were all strolling up and down giggling trying to have a look (which somewhat relieved me a bit - it's not THAT normal). So finally she stood up, asked for everyone's attention, and promptly told us that she had been proposed to, but had decided to turn him down as she was worth a lot more.. or something to that effect...Guffaw Guffaw.. :)

Whilst watching the Superbowl in some bar (which had 25c chicken wings), this rather large young girl sat down at our table. She ordered a few chicken wings and I must admit, (terribly) we were impressed with her will power. That is until she ordered another plate, then another plate, then a huge big plate of burger and chips.
I feared for our safety as I envisioned a replay of one of the last scenes of Monty Python's - The Meaning Of Life.
fnar fnar

Anywho - a lot of walking was done, the best pizza in the world was eaten, furiously, a lot of crayzees were met, much cheap beer was drank and numerous episodes of Law & Order were interfered with by American TV ads.

The last day of NY was bitterly cold and we were glad to be hightailing it to the (Cartman Voice) "West Siii eeeeeed" - i.e San Francisco. I immediately liked SF more than NY (if possible) and the weather here is roasting. MUhahahahahahhahahah
adios.. Suckers.....











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