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Ko Phangan - Thailand

get yer moooon on..


We left Phi-Phi on a smaller boat than the one we arrived on. It was full of people all basking in the sun out on the top deck nearly all of which were headed for the Islands on the East coast. The trip from phi phi to Phangan took a little longer than we originally estimated. In the tour shop it said “arrive Phangan 5:30pm” this however turned out to be “arrive Phangan 10:30pm” grrr. After the first boat trip we had to wait around for about 45 min to get on a bus to bring us to a bigger bus that proceeded to drive at a top speed of 40km per hour. The roads are excellent and there isnt that much traffic on them at all, but the buses still drive very very slow (Everyone drives slower than Vietnamese drivers).

So from the big bus to a lunch stop for some tasty noodle soup and an hour wait, then another bus to the port - another hour wait. Finally we boarded a car Ferry at dusk and headed off on the 4 hour 2 knots an hour journey to Phangan. We kept our spirits up with a nice cold chang beer and the backpacker’s trusty friend… Mr Super Noodle.

Since we were arriving kinda late, we didn’t want to have to go looking around for accommodation. So we booked a bungalow near the port area for the night. The place was new and quite nice, but WAY to far away from all the full moon party action the far eastern side - “Had Rin” Beach. We got up early the next morning, checked out and left our bags in the overnight place to go searching for some accommodation near Had Rin.

We jumped in the back of a local taxi and headed for had rin, keeping our eyes pealed for names of resorts we (Lisa) had been looking at online. All the places we had read about were a few miles away from Had Rin and up REALLY steep hills. We rented a moped in Had Rin and drove about the place looking for a bungalow with a nice beach view and not to far away from the centre. This proved to be very difficult, and after a lot of looking on the southern part of the island we decided Had Rins beach (sunrise beach, on the East side) was the one for us. With lots of nice white sand and being right beside everything, we would put up with the loud party town reputation it has and stay there.

On the quiet end of the beach we noticed some bungalows on the small hillside overlooking the beach and the sea. Ten minutes later we had paid the (so-so interested
) lady of Moutiainside Bungalows for our first night of many we would stay in our little tropical bungalow. It reminded us a lot of the one in Koh Tao, but with less places for woogies to crawl in at night. Plus it had a great view of the whole beach, all the bars and importantly the sea. It was also only 350baht a night and meant we wouldn’t have to rent a moped to get anywhere. It took us two runs, some sunburnt arms and all the petrol we had put in the bike that morning to get our bags over to our new bungalow.

We spent the next week exploring Had Rins shops and restaurants and lazing about on the beach during the day. It’s a nice little town with lots of restaurants showing movies all day and a couple of cafes (which we became fond of) exclusively playing friends episodes every minute of the day and night. The weather was gorgeous most days with the occasional shower that lasts for a few minutes and then out comes the sun again. We even bought a big yellow hammock for our balcony to lie in and read Jeffrey Deaver books in. After Wordsworth (AKA Lisa) seen the secondhand bookstore, shes been going through Jeffrey Deaver novels like a fat kid goes through cake. Now she has me obsessed with them, they are a good read tho. Like CSI on the TV, but without all the slow motion boob shots. Anyway what else we get up to, I got my phone fixed for a tenner so we could finally get some texts again. We drank more lovely Thai Whiskey and beer, bought some pirated DVD’s and bummed about til the full moon party.

Everynight running up to the party we contemplated whhyyy did we pick this beach to stay in as we tried to get some sleep. At about 12am each night, all the beach bars/clubs lash up the volume of their speakers trying to outdo eah other. We kinda got used to it tho and some tissue in the ears worked a treat.

The day before the full moon party I felt like shit, must have gotten a bug or the flu… but I was not in good form. Luckily the evening of the party I felt better and was able to help Lisa drink some buckets!!! The party was well organised with about 6 areas playing music. One place near us, a big place on the beach erected especially for the party, the usual bars on the beach further down and finally at the end of the beach the original party organisers at paradise bungalows also playing music.

Come 11pm the place was packed with loads of drunken people all over the beach with lots of fleurecsent paint on them. Their was a good atmosphere about the place and occasionally we heard one of two good tracks in diff places but all in all the music as we much expected left a lot to be desired. Then again I suppose we are a copule of music snobs, whereas everyone else there just wanted to get out of it and dance to something familiar, or just really fast and loud and maybe jump through the odd hoop of fire. The party went on until about 8am the next morning with speedboats constantly picking up and dropping off partygoers from Ko Samui nearby. I think we stumbled home around 3ish Lisa donning some lilluminous glasses and a half drunk bucket of whiskey.

The next morning our water wasn’t working and the Aussie girl next door told us they had seen some guy out of it on a mushroom shake climbing around the back of our hut and ontop of their roof trying to find the party. They told him he was in a bush and not the beach. Then he told them he was trying to get to Devon LOL.. so they brought him down to the beach and let him swim to the English channel. Unfortunatley for us tho, this was not before the twat had climbed over our water pipe, breaking it and sending water everywhere. One of the guys next door tried to fix it and turned off the tap to stop the flow til it was fixed. Which wasn’t til about a stinky 5pm the next
day haha.



























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"shes been going through Jeffrey Deaver novels like a fat kid goes through cake" Ahahahahaha! this had me in bits laughing. Well fat kids DO love cake. Deadly stuff (The writing that is, not the cake; unless it was a REALLY fat kid and a REALLY big piece of cake that he shouldn't be eating. Say a piece of cake that would poison him or something. his dying words would be "piece of cake" with a sardonic smile, either that or "YYYUUURRGRGGHHH!!!"

A couple of weeks ago my supervisor here (Remember Nara Sensei; tiny woman, very scary) faxed me a printout of a BBC story about the coup in Thailand. I had told her that's were yee were and she was worried. When I read the story I was worried too; military coup, interim government, scary squid sighted etc. I was worried that is until I got home and found an email to Red Dwarf's Chriss Barrie: "They're fine" I thought ; )

I hope you're enjoying the last few days of your savage trip: I'm sure there's a full banquet being laidon for when yee get home.

Gotta go sleep now, night


P.S I also liked "Like CSI on the TV, but without all the slow motion boob shots"

by Mysterio

he he
whats all this about a scary squid sighted??
i see lots of tiny jellyfish that burn my legs but not a scary squid...
i must investigate. :)

by squeakylee

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